Summer Playdates for Incoming Students

Summer Playdates for Incoming Students

Normally, PTO would host two playdates at a local park and two playdates at the beach for our incoming Calabash Cubs. Of course, this year is anything but normal. We don’t yet know what our return to school will look like, but we would still like to give our Cubs the chance to connect before the school year begins and make this big transition a bit easier for them (and their families!).

If you would like to be notified as playdates are scheduled, please send us an email with your contact info and we’ll add you to our playdate distribution list. Our email is We’ll send the playdate schedule out in early June.

Incoming 1st-5th Grade Playdates

If you are new to the school and your child will be starting 1st-5th grade, please contact us at and we’ll coordinate at least one summer playdate for your child’s grade level. We know changing schools can be tough for kids, and we want to help ease your child’s transition by making some new friends before school begins.

We look forward to welcoming your child to Calabash and hope you can join us for some summer fun!  😊

Kate Eisenberg & Claire Borsheim

Calabash PTO Co-Presidents

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