After-School: Jaxx Theatre Program






Calabash is fortunate to work with Jaxx Theatricals as our after-school theatre production company.  This is our 7th year with Jaxx, and we’ll once again have two productions:  one in the fall and another in the winter/spring.   Some basic info about the program:

  • Productions are open to all students in grades 2-5, as well as 1st grade siblings of older Jaxx students.
  • Student to teacher ratio is 15:1.
  • We have two casts per show; one cast rehearses on Mondays from 2:45-5:45 and another on Fridays from 2:45-5:15.
  • The final week of rehearsal is called “Tech Week”, when all technical elements of the show are incorporated (costumes, lighting, sound/mics, hair/make-up etc).  During Tech Week, the cast rehearses EVERY OTHER DAY from 2:45-6:00pm (on Tuesday from 1:45-6:00pm).  Cast members are expected to cancel all conflicting after-school activities for that week.
  • Each cast performs twice.  For our fall show, our Monday cast will perform on Friday, 12/6 at 7:00pm, and again on Saturday, 12/7 at 1pm.  Our Friday cast will perform on Saturday, 12/7 at 7:00pm, and again on Sunday, 12/8 at 2pm.
  • Registration cost is $395, which covers all rehearsals, costumes, make-up, backstage professional assistance, etc.  Your only responsibility is to ensure your child has undergarments (bike shorts and a tank top) and a pair of stage appropriate shoes for Tech Week (Jaxx will specify any color/type requirements).
  • You can purchase DVDs from the final performance as well as professional photo books and a CD containing all professional photos taken during dress rehearsal, backstage and the show.

Our fall production for the 2019/20 school year will be MATILDA.

Once you register, your child will need to prepare audition materials which will be available for download on the site via Dropbox.  Auditions will take place on Friday, 8/22 and Friday, 8/23 in the Calabash auditorium.  The audition will take approx 5 minutes and you can choose your time slot via SignUpGenius once you register online.  All registered students will be in the show; the audition will simply help Jaxx with casting roles.

Tickets for the final performances will be available for purchase online in November for $10-20 each; seats are chosen as part of the ticketing process (similar to Ticketmaster).  Seats in the first two rows for all shows will be up for bid in the PTO’s Online Auction coming in October.

For more information about Jaxx, go to Jaxx Theatricals.

If you have any questions about our fantastic after-school theatre program, please contact our “cast mom” Claire Borsheim at