Computer Lab


Calabash PTO fully funds an on-campus computer lab & instructor from ComputerWise Kids.  All classes (K-5) visit the computer lab once a week.

This year we will introduce Grade 5 students to VEX Robotics and intergrate STEM learning in our curriculum. Students will walk through the design and use a pre-built robot to code the robot to program it to complete tasks. During this process they will learn key STEM principles, and robotics concepts. Once students have learn how to give basic commands, they will learn how to incorporate additional sensors to the simple drivetrain to add functionality. Students will then work in groups to create a new version of the drivetrain with additional functionality. They will have to consider the use of each sensor and how it can aid in their design. Coding skills are essential for students today, our grade 1-4 will be working with the new Sphero Edu. & Tickle Apps to learn to code using the iPad or Android tablets. These apps teach more than just programming. The lessons integrate STEAM activities like Math & Science and push the students imaginations.

To access our Computer Lab portal for at-home learning, click here.  Your child will need his/her grade-level password (provided by our computer instructor) to access the site.

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